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Try our Jigzone puzzle of this year's cover.

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Mrs Mac's Library has links to many of the shortlisted books teaching notes etc.

Mrs B's 2013 shortlist activities is another site to explore. It has 'jigzone' jigsaws for each cover and other interactive activities.

Book Trailers at St Patrick's Primary School

Our Lady of Lourdes site has some links and some Smartboard units.

Treks n trails from Cindy Watson (IDTL Network)

Cindy combined short-listed books and some information literacy work - looking at primary and secondary sources - to use with Year 6 and 7 classes, so the three books set in World War Two were an obvious choice. Cindy interviewed some people living locally about their experiences in WWII and linked to these oral histories as primary sources: an English boy, a German girl and an Australian girl. The memories of a German girl, Maria, are of the night her town was destroyed in a massive bombing raid. It plays well on iPad, Mac and Windows computers but has been less co-operative on EQ CFT at school! (Cindy used Quicktime to play the mp4 version but might have to have a go at converting to a wav file and reducing the file size.)

Pennies for Hitler: http://www.treksntrails.info/pennies-for-hitler.html

The Children of the King: http://www.treksntrails.info/the-children-of-the-king.html

After: http://www.treksntrails.info/after.html

Picture Books

A Day to Remember by Jackie French and Mark Wilson: Treks n Trails for Kids


A Day to Remember - hatching in art (122 K)
A Day to Remember - hatching in art

Children of the King (165 K)
Children of the King

documentOther brother - Moral dilemmas (32 K)
Other brother - Moral dilemmas

Pennies for Hitler (67 K)
Pennies for Hitler sections 3 and 4 to accompany p 45 of the Book Week publication 2013

Tom the Outback Mailman - biography (104 K)
Tom the Outback Mailman - biography

Topsy Turvy World art activity (134 K)
Topsy Turvy World art activity

Topsy Turvy World History links (98 K)
Topsy Turvy World History links

With Nan (393 K)
With Nan

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