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Home in the Rain

Home in the Rain by Bob Graham

Discussion points

Look at the book cover.  Look at the title pages.  Discuss techniques used.
•    Foreground
•    Mid-ground
•    Background
•    Creature features? Foliage?

How are they similar?  How are they different? (Examples)
•    Signs
•    Parking sign with side road and fishermen
•    Directional signs e.g. A1 Francie’s House
•    Note the horizontal arrangement of vehicular traffic on the cover
•    Compare with diagonal presentation of the highway on title pages
•    Constancy of the diagonal presentation of the rain..

Francie discovers she can write names on the foggy glass. Have you ever done that?  Perhaps you have tried it in a shower-room where steam fog the glass. Who is the third person in the car?  Why hasn’t she got a name?  How do you think Francie might feel about getting a baby sister?

 What else could she do so she wouldn’t become bored on the journey?  What might you do in that situation?

An art activity associated with these notes is available in our publication Escape to Everywhere – CBCA Book Week 2017

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