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Book of the Year - Older Readers

Burke, J.C.
The Story of Tom Brennan, Random House Australia

Caswell, Brian
Double Exposure, University of Queensland Press

Condon, Bill
No Worries, University of Queensland Press

Crowley, Cath
Chasing Charlie Duskin, Pan Macmillan Australia

Jonsberg, Barry
It's Not All About You, Calma! Allen & Unwin

Moloney, James
Lost Property, Viking, Penguin Books Australia

Book of the Year - Younger Readers

Bateson, Catherine
Millie and the Night Heron, University of Queensland Press

Fensham, Elizabeth
Helicopter Man, Bloomsbury

Flynn, Pat
Illus. Chantal Stewart To the Light, University of Queensland Press

Gleitzman, Morris
Once, Puffin, Penguin Books Australia

Godwin, Jane
Illus. Drahos Zak
The True Story of Mary: Who wanted to stand on her head, Allen & Unwin

Jennings, Paul
How Hedley Hopkins did a dare, Puffin, Penguin Books Australia

Book of the Year - Early Childhood

Bourke, Nike
Illus. Stella Danalis
What the Sky Knows, University of Queensland Press

Dubosarsky, Ursula
Illus. David Mackintosh
Rex, Viking, Penguin Books Australia

Matthews, Cecily
Illus. Freya Blackwood
Emily's Rapunzel Hair, ABC Books

Niland, Deborah
Annie's Chair, Viking, Penguin Books Australia

Shanahan, Lisa
Illus. Emma Quay
Daddy's Having a Horse, Hodder Children's (Hachette Livre Australia)

Watts, Frances
Illus. David Legge
Kisses for Daddy, Little Hare Books

Book of the Year - Picture Books

May be for older readers

Crossett, Warren
Text: Jacqueline Harvey
The Sound of the Sea, Lothian Books

Danalis, Stella
Text: Bourke, Nike
What the Sky Knows, University of Queensland Press

Lissiat, Amy
Text: Colin Thompson
The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley, Lothian Books

Riddle, Tohby
Irving the Magician, Viking, Penguin Books Australia

Sheehan, Peter
Text: John Heffernan
The Island, Scholastic Press, Scholastic Australia

Winch, John
Run, Hare, Run! The story of a drawing, Little Hare Books

2006 Eve Pownall Award for Information Books

Brian, Janeen
Hoosh! Camels in Australia, ABC Books

Brim, Warren and Eglitis, Anna
Creatures of the Rainforest: Two artists explore Djabugay country, Magabala Books

Davidson, Leon
Scarecrow Army: The ANZACS at Gallipoli, Black Dog Books

Jamal, Nadia and Chandab, Taghred
The Glory Garage: Growing up Lebanese Muslim in Australia, Allen & Unwin

Long, John
Illus. Brian Choo, with maps by Segei Pisarevsky
The Big Picture Book: See life on Earth unfolding through time, Allen & Unwin

Stewart, Robin
Charles Darwin's Big Idea: The revolutionary theory of evolution, Hyland House Publishing


This annotated list of 87 titles is drawn from books published in the year 2005 and submitted by publishers for the 2006 Children's Book of the Year Awards.

Five titles from the Younger Reader category were selected this year to be included in the 2006 Book Week publication to cater for middle primary level readers, as the shortlist did not seem to have books covering this age range: http://cbca.org.au/Natnotables06.htm

As we had too much material submitted for our book, we have placed some of the spare pages on this site. Other notable titles in the book are Spaceman Bill - Victor Kelleher and 68 Teeth by James Moloney.

Additional resources and activities

pdf icon The Legend of Big Red (494 KB)
The Legend of Big Red by James Roy

pdf icon The Mostly True Story of Matthew and T (969 KB)
The Mostly True Story of Matthew and Trim - Cassandra Golds and Stephen Axelsen

word icon Woolly Jumpers (29 KB)
Woolly Jumpers by Nette Hilton


Click here to test your skills on the Book Week 2006 publication Jigzone puzzle...


In the Book Week publication there is a page with ideas for Book Week in a secondary school setting which refers to a Literature Matrix. A sample matrix is provided in the files to download at the bottom of this page.

Additional resources and activities

word icon Book Week competition proforma (27 KB)
A simple Book Week competition proforma from Fran Knight

pdf icon Mini poster Reader Incentive Program (234 KB)
Mini poster for the Reader Incentive Program in our book.

pdf icon Reading Report (243 KB)
Reading Report to go with the Reader Incentive Program in our book.

word icon Sample Intelligence Grid (40 KB)
This grid is to accompany World Tour - Book Now P.18 of our publication.

word icon Rolling Story Starters (29 KB)
Get kids writing with these Rolling Story Starters.

Additional resources and activities

word icon To the Light (40 KB)
To the Light - Pat Flynn Activity Sheet

word icon To the Light answers (38 KB)
Answers to To the Light Activity Sheet

pdf icon Once - Morris Gleitzman (495 KB)
Activity page

word icon Once Planning Chart (32 KB)
Once Planning Chart

word icon Emilys Rapunzel Hair (37 KB)
Notes on Emilys Rapunzel Hair chapter by chapter.

word icon Rennaisance Artists Webquest (27 KB)
Rennaisance Artists Webquest Sheet. Use this to explore other artists from time of Durer.

word icon Web Quest Durer (27 KB)
Web Quest Durer. Can be used as a sample or expand to write a report.

word icon Creatures of the Rainforest (40 KB)
Creatures of the Rainforest - language.

word icon Scarecrow Army evidence boxes (26 KB)
Scarecrow Army evidence boxes

word icon Scarecrow Army Index (38 KB)
Using the index activity with Scarecrow Army.

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