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Visit the official CBCA website for lists of notable and shortlisted books. Book of the Year Awards


In our book this year there will be an article on how to use Aurasma to promote the notable books in the library or even in bookshops. We are including a few extra that we like.

As auras are created they will be added to this list.

Auras created for books published 2013

(used with permission of publishers or creators or video)

  • Light Horse Boy - Dianne Wolfer and Brian Simmonds (Fremantle Press)
  • Shahana - Roseanne Hawke (Allen & Unwin)
  • Song for a Scarlet Runner - Julie Hunt (Allen & Unwin)
  • Truly Tan Jinxed - Jen Storer (ABCHarper Collins) Copyright Jen Storer - series promo
  • Wierdo - Anh Do (Scholastic)
  • The Last Thirteen - 13 (Scholastic)

Shortlisted book

In this section we will add free pages to support the books and additional resources.

Yoko's Diary - There is a page in our book that refers to the following websites about diaries.

Children of War -  Excerpts from Zlata's Diary: A child's life in Sarajevo (Discovery Education)

Piete Kuhr (age 12) - diary from August 1914 (Live Journal)

Stolen Voices: Extracts from war diaries (TheTelegraph)

Dawid Rubinowicz: April 10, 1942

War through the eyes of a child - The Diary of Carrie Berry (The Civil War in Georgia)

I'm still here Holocaust survivor diaries (published December 2013) 48:24 mins. YouTube

Study Guide to the MTV film I'm still here: Real diaries of young people who lived during the holocaust. (pdf 70 pages)

Children's diaries during the Holocaust - Holocaust encyclopedia

An excerpt from Kamikaze Diaries: Reflections of Japanese student soldiers - Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney


Additional resources and activities

Light Horse Boy

pdf icon Flip book template (77 KB)
Flip book template as mentioned in Silver Buttons activity in the 2014 book.

pdf icon Welcome to my country (55 KB)
Extra pages for Welcome to my country

pdf icon Song for a Scarlet Runner - Window into a Fantasy World (327 KB)
In Song for a Scarlet Runner, Julie Hunt describes the settlement of Skerrick. Read the text from the book and draw a picture of Skerrick with as much detail as possible.

pdf icon Jandamarra (102 KB)
References for the book

pdf icon Ice, Wind, Rock - Antarctic Animals (579 KB)
Template of illustrations for use with diorama activity in the 2014 Connect to Reading book.

pdf icon Song for a Scarlet Runner - Fantasy world - Key words (62 KB)
Building a Fantasy World - Teacher Cheat Sheet - Possible Key Words from Text

Connect to Reading


Author Tristan Bancks is a great advocate for this year’s theme.  See what he is doing on his website

Web 2 tools

Ssome people ahve used these tools to promote the theme




Probably one of the best websites each year for delivery ideas for Book Week is Mrs Mac’s Library.

Connect to reading through theatre productions

Daytime Troupe Ipswich at the Incinerator Theatre

Tony Bones Entertainment is a Victorian based Nationally touring Theatre and Entertainment Company owned and operated by qualified teachers, performing at private functions, schools, libraries and public events across VIC, NSW, ACT, SA, QLD & TAS.

ARENAarts theatre for schools program offers touring educational productions that cater for junior to upper primary children. Productions include the very successful Storykeeper which is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year.


CBCA merchandise is so colourful this year!


Additional resources and activities

word icon Connect to Reading Genre Templates (24 KB)
This file has the correct size template for the Connect to Genres idea Page 8-9 of the Book Week publication Connect to reading 2014. See book for instructions on how to use them.

pdf icon Cover image - Connect to Reading (1295 KB)
This image may be used to promote Book Week in your school or library. Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network – Connect to Reading ©2014


Try out Jigzone Puzzle fot this year's cover based on the theme Connect to reading..

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