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Goodward, Ms Gillian
Email: ggood17@eq.edu.au
Position: Head of Curriculum Teacher-Librarian - Amberley SS

Pamela JacksonJackson, Mrs Pamela
Email: pjack9@eq.edu.au
Phone: 5460 4333
Position: Teacher-Librarian - Hatton Vale SS
Teacher Librarian at Hatton Vale since 1997. Currently .2 on Mondays

Jones, Ms Eirys
Email: E.Jones@iggs.qld.edu.au
Phone: 3454 4447
Position: Teacher-Librarian

Kelly, Ms Riemke
Email: riemkek@hotmail.com
Position: Librarian - Ipswich Library

Ildika KoppenKoppen, Ms Ildika
Email: ikopp2@eq.edu.au
Phone: 3432 6333
Position: Teacher-Librarian - Ipswich East SS
MA, ALIA member,Network rep for SLAQ and Future Libraries.

Langlands, Ms Julie
Email: julielanglands@optusnet.com.au
Phone: 5461 8312
Position: Teacher-Librarian - Walloon & Tivoli SS

Loughman, Ms Kerryn
Email: kloug5@eq.edu.au
Position: Teacher-Librarian - Laidley District SS

Mayne, Ms Dianne
Email: dmayn12@eq.edu.au
Phone: 07 5427 2333
Position: Teacher-Librarian - Lowood SS
Teacher-Librarian Lowood 2 days per week

Moore, Ms Carol
Email: cmoore@ipswich.qld.gov.au
Phone: 3810 6815
Position: Librarian - Ipswich Library

Pinnell, Ms Karen
Email: kpinn8@eq.edu.au
Phone: 07 5460 4333
Position: Network Member - Hatton Vale SS

Prouatt, Mr Mark
Email: mprou12@eq.edu.au
Phone: 3294 4111
Position: Teacher-Librarian - Raceview SS

Reichle, Mrs Rosalind
Email: rreichle@bne.catholic.edu.au
Phone: 3812 1077
Position: Teacher-Librarian - Immaculate Heart PS
Teacher Librarian Immaculate Heart Leichhardt

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