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Story Sports Cup

Looking for a new way to engage and challenge your students in Term 4?

Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network and Ipswich Libraries invite schools to participate in the annual Ipswich Story Sports™ Competition with popular author Brian Falkner.  

The winning team in each heat will go on to represent their school in the Ipswich Story Sports™ Cup.

Monday 5 November Springfield Library 9.45 am – 11.15
Monday 5 November Ipswich Central Library 12.30 pm – 2.00 pm
Tuesday 6 November Ipswich Central Library 9.45 am – 11.15 am or 12.30 pm – 2.00 pm
Wednesday 7 November - sessions will be added if required

Finals Date: Wednesday 14 November Ipswich Central Library 12.30 pm – 2.00 pm


What is it?

Story Sports™ takes the concept of a writing workshop and turns it into a competitive sport.
It's a little like theatre sports, except that the emphasis is on writing skills. Students compete in quick-fire games that test their creativity, imagination, and story-writing skills to win prizes.

•    Story Sports™ teams have three to four members from Year 5-6 classes.
•    A maximum of five teams will compete in each heat.
•    Spectators are welcome!
•    Teams elect a captain to be the main presenter of the team’s answers.  
•    All team members will be encouraged to present the answer for at least one round.
•    Brian will act as commentator and referee, scoring the results as the game progresses.

Audience participation
Schools are invited to bring additional students to support their team.  Audience members will participate in some simple and fun literary quizzes, with prizes, while the teams are working on their writing challenges.

Take it for a test run
There is no preparation required however Ipswich Libraries has a number of staff skilled in running workshops designed to introduce the Story Sports™ format to students.  To organise a visit to your school in the Ipswich region contact the Young People’s Librarian on 3810 6756.
More about Story Sports™ http://www.brianfalkner.com/storysports.asp

To register your team for a heat tell us which day you prefer, how many teams (1 or 2) and how many audience members you can bring Email info@idtl.net.au

Event Details

Date: NOV 5, 2018

Time: 5-7 November - heat times vary

Venue: Springfield and Ipswich Central Libraries


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