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2010 marked 150 years since Ipswich became a municipality. To celebrate, the Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network set up a special project to celebrate. In collaboration with Ipswich Poetry Feast and PANI (Primary Arts Network Ipswich) we ran workshops in poetry and visual arts to support the concept.

The project was inspired by one set up by Australian author and poet Libby Hathorn. On her website there are an amazing number of resources to support writing poetry and many forms of art.

The site is called 100 Views.


Schools in the Ipswich City Council Region were invited to take part in this exciting project during the 150 Birthday Celebration of our City Ipswich. Schools from all divisions investigated and researched their local area and identified icons that best represented their area. It could be an iconic site, person, event, landscape, object or animal. Students were invited to take part in two tasks. One was to create a poem about their icon. The other was to create a visual artwork of the icon. Students could be inspired by the past, present and imagined future icons of their local area. A selection of works from across the participating schools in the Region formed the 150 Views of Ipswich Exhibition at the Ipswich Community Gallery. An online gallery of works was also be posted here on the IDTLN site.



To support local school participation, the following workshops were made available:

  • Poetry: Information Session for all participating teachers
  • Art: Visual Art Workshop hosted by PANI

The completed art and literary works by children and young people of Ipswich (5909KB)
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