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A Way With Words - Young WritersThe Mystical Museum and Other Stories

"Do you enjoy writing? Do you write in your spare time? Nothing to do in the school holidays? If so, you could join 25 like-minded young people in this exciting workshop which is held each year in the Library at Bethany Lutheran Primary School, 126 Cascade St., Raceview." This is the invitation that attracted a group of young writers aged 9 -13 to the  A Way With Words writing workshops with popular author Brian Falkner of Story Sports fame.  In 2015 they worked with him for three days then submitted their stories for publication.  The book of stories called The Mystical Museum and Other Stories was launched in December. In 2016 they worked hard for 4 days and produced the book How to Fake a Farirytale & Other Stories launch in November.

The Ipswich District Teacher-Librarian Network has a history of running workshops for both writing and illustrating for young people.  They began as part of the Ipswich Festival of Children's Literature in 1999 at Woodlands of Marburg, and were run again at the festival in 2001 and 2003. In 2005, 2007 and 2008 we ran the sessions at Ipswich Central Library and the Old Courthouse. Books were produced from the workshops in 1999, 2005 (Story Souffle) and 2007 (The Best Story ever written+ 20 others) and a wiki from 2008.

We currently have limited stock available of both books but can print on demand. Order form is on this page.  Alternatively if you live near Ipswich you can see if A Lot of Books in the Ipswich Mall have any in stock.

The Mystical Museum and Other Stories Blurb: “All over the world there are mysteries that need to be solved. They are always solved by adults with huge magnifying glasses and big, fancy badges. But never children. Except for one.............”

So begins the story of The Mystical Museum, just one of the amazing stories written by a group of young writers. Read their stories about trolls, magical libraries and museums, zombies and witches. Stories about life and death, love and hate.  This book has it all.

Book Tralier on YouTube

Photo gallery of the book launch December 2015

Photo Gallery 2018 workshop in action


How to Fake a Farirytale & Other Stories Blurb:  “All Fairy tales end happily, unless you are stuck in one you’ve never read.” So begins How to Fake a Fairytale, one of the 22 intriguing stories written by young writers aged 10-13 created at an Ipswich writing workshop run by popular author Brian Falkner.  

This book also holds a Recipe for Time Time Travel.
Peanut butter (crunchy), Strawberry Jam, Ice-cream (rainbow)
Put it together and you have a yummy meal. Put it in a microwave, and you have a recipe for time travel. You might be wondering how this came about….. But beware! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Book Trailer on YouTube


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