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Sometimes schools wish to borrow sets of books for in school Readers Cup competitions, Literature Circles etc. Our network has purchased some class sets and some schools are willing to share with others in the network. See lists below.


Novels and Picture books (available for inter-library loans by Network members)

Applegate, K. The one and only Ivan 20 Bethany Lutheran School / IDTL
Baillie Little Brother 10 Ipswich East
Barron Jeremy Jeremiah 10 Unknown
Blume Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing 25 West Moreton Anglican College
Byers 18th Emergency 10 Ipswich East
Caswell Lisdalia 10 Ipswich East
Caswell Maddie 10 Ipswich East
Caswell Mike 10 Ipswich East
Caswell Relax Max! 10 Ipswich East
Coerr Sadako 6 Raceview
Coerr Sadako 27 Churchill
Crew Water tower 10 Riverview
Dahl George's Marvellous Medicine 30 Churchill
Dahl Matilda 30 Churchill, Walloon
Davidson Helen Keller 30 Churchill
Disher Bamboo Flute 10 Karalee
Gleeson Hannah Plus One 10 Karalee
Griffiths Just Annoying 10 Ipswich East
Griffiths Just Tricking 10 Ipswich East
Herrick Spangled Drongo 10 Ipswich East
Hilton The Web 10 Silkstone
Holm I am David 6 Raceview
Hurle The Saddler's Daughter 30 Churchill
Kingston The Tree Directory 20 Unknown
Klein Junk Castle 30 Churchill
Marsden Rabbits 10 Hatton Vale
Mattingly Asmir in Vienna 40 West Moreton Anglican College
Moloney Buzzard Breath and Brains 10 Ipswich East
Moloney Swashbuckler 10 Ipswich East
Orr Ark in the Park 10 Ipswich East
Orr Leaving it to You 25 West Moreton Anglican College
Paulsen Hatchet 10 Ipswich East
Pullman I Was a Rat 10 Mount Marrow
Rodda Rowan of Rin 10 West Moreton Anglican College
Rodda Rowan of Rin 10 Karalee
Sacher Holes 25 West Moreton Anglican College
Simons Sit Down Mum, I've Got Something to Tell You 10 Unknown
Steele Arkwright 10 Karalee
Stow Midnight 25 West Moreton Anglican College
Tan The Arrival 9 Silkstone State School
Thiele Jody's Journey 25 West Moreton Anglican College
Thiele Pinquo 30 Churchill
Uknown Rocky 10 Karalee
Unknown Literature Based Approach to Bullying 1 Churchill
Unknown Sydney Through Time 10 Karalee
Unknown Worth Saving 10 Unknown
Waddell Class Three and the Beanstalk 27 Churchill
Walker I Hate Books 10 Riverview
Wheatley My Place 15 Riverview
Wheatley My Place 6 Silkstone

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